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Period Pooh™ Menstrual Relief

YOU WILL RECEIVE: (1) SUPA WOMBMAN™ Hormone Balance Herbal Tea (1) Period Pooh™ capsules, (1) Period Pooh™ Heating Belt (1) Sacred Wombman Kitty Oil

(1) SUPA WOMBMAN™ & Hormone Balancing Tea

✅ Eliminate existing fibroids/prevent new fibroids

✅ Relieve painful menstrual cramps & symptoms associated with PMS

✅ Reduce bulging stomach and bloating

✅ Stop hemorrhaging to avoid blood transfusion

✅ Increase iron levels to avoid iron transfusion

✅ Strengthen your uterus to support fertility and hormone balance!

1 Period Pooh™ capsules is a collection of potent & quality herbs intentionally formulated to promote wellbeing and hormonal balance to relieve you of uncomfortable symptoms associated with your menstrual cycle.

✅ Menstrual cramp relief

✅ Alleviate back pain and leg pains

✅ Hormonal Balance

✅ Increase Energy Levels

1 Period Pooh™ Heating Belt- adjustable straps designed to relieve cramps and lower back pain

✅ Three-speed temperature adjustment (50°C, 55°C, 60°C), and four-speed vibration intensity adjustment

✅ Promote blood circulation, promote metabolism, regulate the body in multiple directions, improve backache caused by prolonged sitting, and relieve lumbar pain

✅ Provides targeted heat therapy to the abdomen, helping to relieve pain and discomfort.

1 bottle of Sacred Wombman/Kitty Oil(4oz) - Crafted to nourish and tone the lady parts of every woman. 

✅ Restores vaginal moisture

✅ Reduces ingrown hairs & bumps

✅ Fades darks spots and discoloration due to shaving 

✅ Keep kitty feeling fresh, moisturize, and clean.