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Fibroid Fighter

YOU WILL RECEIVE:(1) SUPA WOMBMAN™ Hormone Balancing Tea (1oz) Red Clover tincture, (1oz) Mugwort (1oz) Scared Wombman Yoni Oil

Best if taken bitter but honey can be added as a sweetener

SUPA WOMBMAN™ & Hormone Balancing Tea

✅ Eliminate existing fibroids/prevent new fibroids

✅ Relieve painful menstrual cramps & symptoms associated with PMS

✅ Reduce bulging stomach and bloating

✅ Stop hemorrhaging to avoid blood transfusion

✅ Increase iron levels to avoid iron transfusion

✅ Strengthen your uterus to support fertility and hormone balance!

1(oz) Red Clover- Do not take if prescribed blood thinner

✅ Anti-spasmodic for eczema, psoriasis, asthma, and bronchitis

✅ Improves blood circulation & thins blood to help with moon time clot

✅ Prevents osteoporosis

✅ Lowers Cholesterol and high blood pressure

✅ Reduces hot flashes and cramps

1(oz) Mugwort

✅Increase energy & endurance

✅ Anti-inflammatory properties

✅ Protects liver against damage

✅ Supports depression, anxiety and fatigue

✅ Strengthens immune system

✅ Stimulates hair growth

✅ Eliminates constipation 

 1(oz) Sacred Wombman Yoni Oil

✅ Soothes razor bumps and ingrown hairs

✅ Eliminates yeast infections and vaginal bacterial

✅ Alleviates vaginal dryness and abolish vaginal odor

✅ Regulates pH, promotes toning and tightening of vaginal muscle

✅  Anti fungal great for vaginal itching

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