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HER by Ubuntu Life

YOU WILL RECEIVE:(2) Feminine pHresh Body Wash, (1) Slippery Elm, (1) Positively pH suppositories.

(2) Feminine pHresh Body Wash -Contains a unique cooling formula while removing odor and sweat. Free from dyes, parabens, and alcohol

✅ Alleviating heavy cycles, cramps and support a regular cycle. The infused herbal & plant-based extracts support feminine balance that soaks into the bloodstream.

✅ Blocking bacteria & odors and perfect for vaginal, vulvar, intimate, and external cleansing.

✅ Anti-bacterial which can help control breakouts and inflamed bumps.

✅ Removing unwanted bacterial overgrowth, which can cause itching, odor and excessive discharge.

✅ Restoring a healthy pH balance to ensure a woman’s daily hygiene.

✅ Sensitive skin as it's a non-irritating soap and helps alleviate yeast infections.

✅ Reducing PMS symptoms, odor, itchiness, vaginal dryness, and excessive discharge. 

(1) 30 Slippery Elm capsules - All natural, 100% organic supplement from nature that relieves vaginal dryness, providing fast results!

✅ Menopause
✅ Birth Control
✅ Hysterectomy
✅ Tampon Use
✅ Lack of Drive
✅ Hormonal Imbalances
✅ Great for dogs!

(1) 30 Positively pH suppositories - Fast-acting formula for women experiencing symptoms related to bacterial vaginosis and yeast infections.

✅ Supports your feminine health with one natural ingredient to relieve intense irritation

✅ Responds to unwanted vaginal issues such as discharge, swelling, itching, and odor 

✅ Restores vaginal pH balance of your vaginal system